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Grace and Grit - Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston’s coastal location and influence of soul food creates an experience that is as comforting as the food.

, a local, family-operated restaurant, embraces the meaning of southern hospitality by supporting the community, creating a warm, authentic experience, and highlighting lowcountry cuisine.

History Highlight: Lowcountry Cuisine

There is no doubt that the geography of Charleston influences the ingredients chosen to recreate dishes that have deep roots. Surrounded by 500,000 acres of wetlands and waterways, Charleston’s estuary system is filled with an abundance of fresh oysters, shrimp, fish, and crabs.

Low country cuisine is the style of cooking affiliated with the South Carolina Lowcountry and the Georgia coast. Although lowcountry cooking shares some similarities to southern cooking, its culinary identity lies in its geography, economics, demographics, and cultural influences from African, French, English, and Caribbean cuisines.

Traditional lowcountry recipes included broiled squirrel and possums and relying on the “using what you have” concept. While modern lowcountry dishes feature different and more desirable ingredients, the principle of making the most of what you have still remains in Charleston restaurants, like Grace & Grit. Grace & Grit highlights the area’s local seafood and partners with the SC Aquarium’s sustainable seafood initiative to support the local community and economy.


A southern staple that takes flight. A new approach to grits, a southern pantry staple, Grace and Grit showcased grit’s versatility. The “Grit Flight”, a well- balanced sampler of sweet and savory. The flight included Blueberry, Peach Cobbler With Oat Crumble, Brussels Pesto, and Pimento Cheese. The flight was comforting and reminiscent of my childhood. The Charleston marshlands make the growing conditions for rice more than ideal. Rice has become an essential part of South Carolinians diet and economic system.

The chicken and waffle was topped with pecans, which are used extensively in lowcountry cuisine. They are commonly found in desserts.

The shrimp n grits were flavorful and the grits were fluffy.

Fried Chicken and Waffle topped with butter pecans and hot honey

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