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1748 Bakehouse - Historic Springfield

Slow and intentional baking makes this bakehouse authentic

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On a hot summer morning in June 2023, I sat down with Allison Vaughan, the owner of 1748 Bakehouse located in Jacksonville, FL. Influenced by the infectious passion for baking instilled by her grandmother, Allison's journey has been one of endless exploration, constantly tinkering with flavors and perfecting recipes to craft exquisite baked delights. With a lifelong love affair with baking, she harbored a deep-seated desire to create a haven where her culinary talents could flourish and foster a sense of community.

Community Outreach

Just a few months before the onset of COVID-19, 1748 Bakehouse opened its doors, marking the beginning of a challenging journey. Despite the uncertain times, Allison remained resolute in her commitment to serving the community, pivoting her restaurant's vision to meet the changing needs of the times. Her goal was to create a space that exuded warmth and familiarity, offering solace during difficult times. Allison said, "I wanted a space that felt familiar, where people would feel comfortable." Her ultimate goal was to not just bring amazing baked goods to the area but to build a


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