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Charides | Kuşadası, Turkey

Shrimp on the Aegean coast

If you are lucky enough to travel to Turkey, the small coastal town of Kuşadası is a must see. After traveling to over 40 countries, I can honestly say I have never seen a more spectacular sunset on any continent. Kuşadası (bird island translated to English) definitely holds a special place in my heart and it is not just because of the mind-blowing sunsets and Mediterranean breezes. The small town located on the Aegean Sea and close to the ancient Greek city of Ephesus is home to one of my favorite restaurants, Charides.

The Aegean Region and Meyhane Culture

Charides, is more than a restaurant for fresh seafood as the name might imply - karides means shrimp in Turkish. Meals become a social event where friends and family spend hours The regional cuisine of the Aegean is dominated by olives, salads, seafood, and herbs and heavily influenced by Greek culture. Part of what makes Charides an extrodinary experince is the meyhane culture tyhr restaurant exudes

on a type of restaurant found in Turkey dating back to the Byzantine Empire: meyhane. Meyhane is a tavern-type restaurant that serves alcohol yet has survived centuries in a region dominated by strict Islamic influence and restrictions. It is a drinking subculture inside a region that has been influenced by the presence of many cultures, including Byzantines, Greeks, Romans, Ottomans, and Selçuks. Meyhane restaurants represent an essential part of social interactions and evolving norms in Turkish culture. Meyhanes have been the inspiration for songs, novels, and even its own vocabulary.

Since its inception during the Byzantine Empire, meyhane has provided people with a space to gather and enjoy cultural exchanges.

The restaurant features a deck so you can sit right on the water and enjoy the sea breezes while you listen to traditional meyhane music. Explore the sidebar on the left. You can add media to add color to your post. You can also change the cover image, optimize the SEO Settings, add categories or tags, and much more. Spend some time discovering each tab and learn how you can enhance your future posts.


Foods served in small quantities, Persian word: taste


tavern type restaurant found in the Mediterranean; originates from two Persian words: may, which means wine and, khāneh, which means house


love, affection, friendship, Ottoman Turkish from the Arabic

محبة‎ maḥabba, love, affection. Albanian muhabet conversation, small talk


an alcoholic drink made of twice-distilled grapes and anise

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