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Authentic Food

Food has a story, a feeling, a memory...

Experience the unique flavors of culture and savor the authentic foods that bring the world to your plate. Italian Butter and Fresh Blueberries, Blue and white dishes
IMG_8161.HEIC Asian Cuisine, Blue and White dishes

What is 
Authentic Food?

Have you ever seen a sign at a restaurant that says "authentic" food or maybe read a label at the grocery store that says "authentic?"

Well what does that mean? Authentic food is sought after all over the world, but the journey to understanding authentic food is not a straight line.​ The concept of authentic food is fluid and everyone seems to have an opinion about what is authentic and what is not especially when it comes to food. is a place to explore how we understand authentic food and how that connects us to our culture. Food is more than just a commodity, it is a symbol deeply rooted in cultures worldwide. At the most basic level, authentic food means "real," however for many it means much more...

Authentic Food Experiences

From authentic international restaurant experiences to locally grown fruits and vegetables and more...

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