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Not just another food blog...

At we believe that the exploration of food is more than just recipes and nutritional information, it is about social experiences and history. Food provides a channel to understand collective identities through social interactions. These social interactions can construct concepts like authentic food. 


Our mission is to tell the stories of how we construct ideas of authentic food as well as preserve food stories that perhaps disappear as food evolves with the help of home cooks, chefs, farmers, academics, and restaurant owners.

Janna Tamargo

Founder & CEO

Janna Tamargo has a Phd in sociology from the University of Florida. Her major substantive interest is the sociology of food. She has spent over a decade studying authentic food in Istanbul, Turkey as well as ethnic themed restaurants across the United States. 

She has enjoyed culinary experiences in over 40 countries and speaks some of five languages. 

Read my review of Food values in Europe:

Read my journey to get a PhD:

Read how a 1920s Ottoman book about a Turkish tavern was translated into English with the help of Dr. Emrah Sahin:

Read about my research, A Narration of Authenticity: Meyhane, Istanbul's Third Place, presented at the International Conference of Food Studies: Making fresh pasta

Rose Goodbread

Content Curator, Sustainability Expert, & Foodie

Rose Goodbread received her masters degree in Global Sustainability, which introduced her to sustainable farming at the Rosebud Continuum. She learned about food systems and sustainable agriculture.  Her interest in authentic food stems from her knowledge and experience in sustainable food systems. Rose has worked in community gardens in Florida and North Carolina and is an advocate for food security.


To Rose, authentic food is more than just how the food is prepared or tastes, it is about knowing where the food comes from, how it is grown, and its impact on the community. 


Rose hopes can showcase restaurants’ commitment to sustainability and sourcing local ingredients, while portraying their rendition of authenticity. Food plays such a big part in Rose’s life, as it gathers the people that matter most to her from all walks of life to bond over a shared experience and good food. Rose has traveled to many countries and is always amazed at the fact that no matter how different the food is in each country, the same thing is universal: food. Food brings family and friends together at the table. She hopes that authentic food readers can emulate that same feeling through her articles.

We have been busy traveling the world...
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